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Information for family and informal Carers during lockdown

We know that many families are finding it difficult to cope with their normal caring responsibilities during “lockdown”, and are unsure when they can and can’t leave their home. 

We’d like to reassure people who fall into specific categories, that exercise more than once a day outside the home is acceptable – please click button for further information. 

COVID-19 Carer Support South Lakes

As the coronavirus continues to take hold, we’re making a few changes to ensure that we protect people’s health and act in the best interests of our Carers, our staff, and the wider community. We’re also trying to minimisie the disruption to our services where possible:

  • Carer Assessments will be completed over the phone or using self-assessment forms. 
  • One to one support will be offered via the phone too. 
  • We are temporarily suspending all social groups and our counselling service. 

Please call 01539 815970 or email to arrange a Carer Assessment or if you’re in need of one to one support.

We’ll continue to follow the information and advice released by Public Health England and will keep you updated of any changes via our website, Facebook and recorded phone messages. 


If you’re not sure what the best or right advice is for taking care of your own health and that of others, here are trusted sources:

Cumbria County Council update their website on a daily basis and is a good source of information on the local measures being taken.

✅ Carers UK (for advice on seeking medical help and contingency care plans):

NHS (for commonly asked questions and answers):

Please do share with other carers, friends and family.

Download Statement from Carers UK and the Carers Trust