Robert Powney in the swimming pool ready for his Virtual Channel Swim

Robert Powneys’ Virtual Channel Swim

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You can still donate to Robert Powneys’ Vitual Channel Swim. So far he has raised £1,117.00 and overcome injury to complete his epic challenge.

Robert Powney, from Windermere, has completed his virtual “Swim the Channel” despite an injury that left him on crutches. It has taken him 30 days to complete a total distance of 22 miles at his local pool – which is the equivalent of swimming the English Channel.

Robert swam around 900 metres a day despite injuring his knee shortly after starting the attempt. The injury left him having to use crutches to get in and out of the pool.

“I’m really pleased to have completed the 22-mile swim,” says Robert. “I had a couple of setbacks, but I was determined to carry on.

“On what should have been day three of the swim I tore ligaments in my knee and leg while out walking which delayed me and added to the challenge!

“Every time I got in the pool – the first ten minutes seem to take a lot of effort. But after that, I got into a rhythm, and it got easier.”

Although he’s completed the 22-mile challenge he says he is going to continue swimming as he’s enjoyed it so much – so he’s begun a virtual swim back towards Dover!

“I would like to say a big thank you to all those who have made donations. It has made the challenge so worthwhile.”

Robert, who is a carer himself and looks after his wife Gwen, has now raised around £1,117.00 .

He was inspired to take on the challenge after seeing the support work done for young Carers by the Kendal based charity.

“We were in Dorset and I heard a child in a group say they were on the best holiday they had ever been on,” says Robert.

“It transpired that they were young Carers who were on a respite holiday to give them a break from their caring roles. I decided then that I wanted to do something for the charity to help young carers.

“It broke my heart to see children as young as five were caring for their families. I hope the funds I’ve raised will give young Carers the chance to be children again or to spend some quality time with their loved ones without having to act as carers.”

Robert has a Just Giving web page where people can still make donation: