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Carers’ Assessment

If you are a Carer, you are legally entitled to a Carers’ Assessment, which identifies your needs as a Carer.

We can do the Assessment with you once you get in touch, and then work together to draw up a support plan. The support plan can include things that you feel will help you, such as respite care, information or involving other agencies.

We operate from a strength based approach, looking at what you are already accomplishing, what support networks you have and helping you via the support plan to help fill the gaps.

We work on a referral basis – you can refer yourself to us by phoning 01539 815970. Or you can ask a relative or professional (including your GP or care provider) to get in touch for you. Once we’ve got some basic information about you and the person you’re caring for, one of our Carer Support Workers will get in touch with you and take things from there.

Cumbria Carers’ Emergency Card

All Carers in Cumbria are entitled to a Carers’ Emergency Card.

If you have had a Carers’ Assessment with Carer Support South Lakes and live in Cumbria, then we will carry out a Carer Emergency Card plan.

If you were involved in an accident or emergency, the emergency services or others would use this card to contact a 24-hour response centre, to make sure the person you care for is looked after. By carrying one, ideally in your purse or wallet, you can be confident that in an emergency, the person you care for won’t be left without the support they need.

The Emergency Card is completed by Carer Support South Lakes on behalf of Cumbria County Council, who provide advice, information and support to anyone who has caring responsibilities in Cumbria. A 24-hour response centre will hold the plan, which will have:

  • your details
  • details of the person you care for and
  • details of who to contact in an emergency.

Any Carer who has had a Carers’ Assessment with Carer Support South Lakes will receive a Carers’ Emergency Card Plan.

We can help you prepare a 72-hr Carers Emergency Plan to care for the person you look after. 

This card is for when an accident or emergency means you cannot look after the person you care for and cannot make other arrangements for their care.

On the 72-hr Carers Emergency Plan, you are asked to give the contact details of one or two people who would be willing to take your place in an emergency. It is your responsibility to ensure that the people you name are happy to help out if an emergency happens. We will be responsible for sending them, with everyone’s permission, (and in line with laws and practices to protect confidentiality), a copy of the plan so they can see what the arrangements are. Your Carers organisation worker or staff from Adult Social Care will need to complete and finalise the plan with you.

If you are not able to find anyone willing to take your place in an emergency, or if they are not available when they are needed, the response centre will automatically contact the local Adult Social Care office. This will happen irrespective of whether you are receiving social care or not. Adult Social Care will make sure the person you care for is safe.

Please note – if support is provided by Adult Social Care in an emergency, this does not mean the team will provide regular, non-emergency care afterwards.

The scheme is free. However, if adult social care do need to be involved, then they will carry out an assessment and there may be a cost incurred for the care your loved one receives.

You can apply for a Carers’ Emergency Card if you have had a Carers’ Assessment with Carer Support South Lakes.


Carer Support South Lakes
Carers Hub
3 Wainwright’s Yard
Kendal  LA9 4DP

Tel: 01539 815970

We will make arrangements to draw up a plan with you and the person you care for. The plan will be shared, with everyone’s permission, with any people you may nominate to undertake care if you are unable to do so.

It will then be securely lodged with Welbeing, the 24-hour response centre who will keep your details safely and confidentially until such time as the plan might need to be implemented.

The response centre will give your plan a unique reference number. This number, plus your name, are the only details on the Carers Card, which will then be issued to you by the person who worked with you on the plan. The response centre may call you or someone you nominate to undertake care in an emergency to check some details or ensure that the plan is going well if it is implemented.

Please notify us of any relevant changes, for example change of address which might need to be notified to the response centre so they can adjust their records in case the plan needs to be put into action. If you need advice, information or support in your caring role, please contact us.

Carer Support South Lakes

Carers Hub
3 Wainwright’s Yard
Kendal  LA9 4DP

Tel: 01539 815970

For emergencies which do not fit into this scheme outside office hours, at the weekend or during Bank Holidays, the Adult Social Care Out of Hours Service can be contacted on (01228) 526690. Carer Support South Lakes is not an emergency service.

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